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Ever wondered why it takes longer to complete a task at 3:00 PM than at 10:30 AM? It has nothing to do with your ability, but instead, on energy levels.

I read a study that said high energy levels are reported during the first half of the day and it steadily reduces as the day passes by. But this can be tackled by taking multiple breaks during the workday.

By taking breaks, I was able to replenish my energy levels and be more productive. This meant that fewer burnouts and fatigues at the end of the day. It also made me feel and understand the difference between living to work and working to live. So, here is how my breaks are scheduled:

1.     A 1-hour mid-day break for social interactions— usually means having lunch with family and kids if they are around or with friends and relatives whom I want to catch up with. This social engagement is necessary, especially to avoid stress and loneliness while working remotely.

2.     Further down the evening, I take another 30 mins break for physical exercises that varies from walking around the neighborhood, work-out sessions, walking the dog, or running up and down the stairs. Although it can be tiring at first, it boosts my energy levels for carrying out productive work for the rest of the day. 

3.     And apart from these, I also take quick 5-10 mins breaks after each Pomodoro focus period for drinking water, stretching, exercising lightly, or browsing social media. 

Do you plan your breaks as well? Eager to know how others utilize their breaks!