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Today I came across this IG post on the "Brazilian Home Office Starter Pack" making fun of everyday noises and remote working distractions people are dealing with here. The funniest thing is that as I write this post there is construction work right above me 😁Why there must always be someone renovating/doing construction work??


Other omnipresent ones are dogs barking (in my case there's also a baby that cries all day long and that for this reason has been referred to as Rosemary's Baby by some), noisy motorcycles, street vendor cars advertising their produce, bad internet, and the cat on the keyboard, of course.

What are someΒ typical distracting noises in the place you live, or particular to your current living situation? And how do you deal with it?


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    I split work time between home and a shared office space I rent:

    🏠 Noise distractions at home: Construction (rare), traffic (sometimes), other family members (always)

    🏒 Noise distractions at shared office: Construction (rare), other peoples' visitors ringing the office door bell (sometimes), other peoples' video calls (always)

    I only hope I'm not as loud as I think others are during own video calls πŸ˜…

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      Yes, can relate to the dog barking situations. I usually lock my door so that they don't interrupt the video calls but the sounds can be well heard by everyone 🐢

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        As an animal lover, if I was on the other end of the video call I wouldn't mind and would maybe even ask to e-meet the dog :)

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        Haha, the image carousel is spot on πŸ˜…

        Ahh, my noisy neighbourhood.

        There's a big construction project going on right now in front of my apartment - it's a real pain, particularly during meetings πŸ˜‘Thankfully I don't have many Zoom calls, but I shut off all windows & pull the curtains to block as much noise as I can.

        I live on the 6th floor and the guy on 7th floor has an elaborate workout routine in the evening. I can hear him running back & forth which irritates me so much that I avoid any kind of deep work at that time, especially writing.

        That's probably just off the top of my head. So many other minor things that distract me through the day, significantly now given everyone's at home.

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          Haha, the dreaded workout routine! At least he does it at the same time every day so you can prepare a bit and not try to do anything that requires a lot of focus during that time...

          I am pretty sure one of my neighbors gives workout classes on Zoom or Instagram or something because I also hear her encouraging someone while she works out.

          It's funny because I never knew how many children lived near me but now that they are all home all the time I'm like, where did all these children come from?Β 

          Early on in this madness, I did buy these ear plugs - they do a pretty good job blocking noise, but if I use them on all day they start to annoy me so I just had to get as used to the noise as possible.

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            Damn, your situation is worse than mine. I feel a little better now πŸ˜›

            Ah, I somehow never got used to ear plugs. I tried them at first while meditating but the complete silence (or ear blocking) is really nerve wracking. For that very reason, I also don't plug earphones in both my ears on a Zoom call - I keep only one on 😐

            But yes, probably have to just get used to these noises until things go back to normal and people spend lesser time at home.