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Microsoft partners with Meta to integrate Teams into its Facebook-like Workplace

Teams video meetings are coming to Workplace.

Facebook announced that it is integrating Workplace, the work-focused version of its social app, with Microsoft Teams.

The partnership of two rival business communication apps comes at a time when tech companies are focused on building the metaverse more broadly.

Ujjwal Singh, Head of Workplace said that

"You have to meet employees where they directly are, wherever they're doing their work, whatever platforms they're most using," 


Last week, Microsoft launched a set of tools to enable businesses to create immersive spaces.  Users will soon be able to appear as avatars in meetings and visit immersive virtual spaces using mixed-reality technology.

And a couple of weeks back, Facebook announced that it had rebranded itself as Meta, in order to be seen as a metaverse company.

Integrations such as these are expected to enhance the ability of remote and hybrid employees who use different services to communicate with each other.

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