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We have always heard that there is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence. I have been trying to visualize what this would look like and here is what I came up with 👇🏼.

Confidence vs Capability

Basically, I envision it as a graph of confidence vs. capability (a line at 45 degrees). If we increase our capability, we need to increase our confidence level, to not be deemed underconfident. If we overshoot by a bit too much, we start seeming arrogant. In general, though there is a band around the 45-degree line, that represents the perfect balance.

And I have observed how this plays out in real life too. We tolerate and even love people who ooze extreme levels of confidence, but only when their capability is matchless.

For e.g. I was watching “The Last Dance” and Michael Jordon made such bold statements before every match he played. His words were super inspiring! But had any other lesser talented player said the same words, it would have seemed highly inappropriate.

So, where do you lie on this graph - Zone A, Zone B, or the “Perfect Band”? Do let me know in the comments :)


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    I agree - well visualized! :-)

    This is the theory - you can even expand it with the “Kruger Dunning effect”, to include the practice.

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      Thanks Boris :) and also for the comment on LinkedIn!

      I haven’t come across the “Kruger Dunning effect” - on it now :)

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        Woah, it plots the same graph - Confidence vs Competence (instead of capability). Haha, they have, of course, more scientific backing and have made some complex curves in the graph :P