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Hi! I work in human resources and I’ve seen a number of office managers in the last few months really concerned about their jobs if their company moves to a remote setup. If there is no “office”, what will the “office manager” do?

Many are trying to pivot their roles to more employee experience type work or culture building, but I’m curious to know if anyone has any other ideas. Have you seen anyone make this type of shift before? Or if you’re a remote-first company, do you have a role similar to an office manager?


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    Thanks for asking this question Nancy - never thought of this!

    Let me see if I can ask some experts and get back to you :)

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      Hey @nancy,

      So I do have an update for you :).

      I reached out to Darren, Head of Remote at Gitlab. He’s probably one of the most knowledgeable individuals around the various aspect of remote working. So these are his exact words:

      “GitLab’s People Experience Associate is the closest similar thing. Her instinct on the pivot makes sense. In a remote team, there’s a lot more of a need for help in terms of finding things, finding people, ordering things, maintaining culture, etc., all of which are fairly natural extensions for most dedicated office managers.

      I would also suggest becoming a company documentarian or executive business assistant. Remote teams need much more documentation, so pivoting to being a scribe/EA is a possibility.”

      I think he makes some really strong points. Hope this was useful :)

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        This is such great information. Thanks for reaching out to him, @karthik!

        I hadn’t thought about the documentarian/scribe needs of a remote team, but it makes a ton of sense.

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          That’s great Nancy - I’m glad you found it useful :)

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      That’s a great question Nancy!

      I haven’t explored or read much about the specific role but have often seen it merge in other functions (e.g. HR, Facilities etc.), both in-office & remote.

      But from what I have read, there are ‘remote office manager’ roles which concern with tasks/ responsibilities relevant to a remote setting. For e.g. organising company events or conferences gets converted to organising virtual events or conferences.

      This is a job listing I had come across some time back.

      But my knowledge is limited to reading in this case and I would love to hear if you or others in the community have first-hand experience.

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        The switch to virtual events and conferences makes sense. I’ve haven’t really had any first-hand experience, but I’ve seen some people in my extended network making changes. At least one pivoted into a customer success role at their company, which seemed like a bigger pivot than I would have expected.

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          That’s true, moving to a customer success role does seem a very tangential pivot and may not be feasible for most.

          However, as Darren says, the switch to an executive BA or a scribe makes total sense and a conscious change many could aim for!