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Are Videogames the Future of Remote Work?

One day soon, you may hear a colleague say those ominous words: β€œThe boss would like to see you in her castle.”


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    "Attended" a conference a few months ago run entirely on Remo, which uses a kind of avatar system to replicate the in-person vibe. And also used the test version of Gather to see if it'd be useful for our company.

    My limited opinion is that it's fun and novel at first, largely because it feels like a video game, but it quickly becomes a bit cumbersome to have to "move around" to "meet" and "interact" with others. I may not have given it enough of a chance. But at the moment, at least at our company, we're fairly OK with most interactions being text-based on Slack.

    Overall, to me so far, this kind of thing suits online conferences a little bit better than it does an office environment. Maybe if you go one-step further with AR/VR it becomes more "real?"