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In late 2018, Google released a powerful productivity hack that lets you open a new Google doc, sheet, slide, email, form or a new instance of any Google suite product with the '.new' link.

Didn't know about it already? Then you must surely read on since this is going to be a game-changer if you're a heavy user of Google's productivity tools just like me.

Secret hack for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and more

So if you need to open a new Google doc or sheet, all you have to is type OR in your address bar (where you type your usual URLs). And that's it! It opens a fresh new document for you just like that 😎

Didn't quite get it yet? Watch this simple loom video to see how this works:

Notion introduces the same hack

So Notion has followed suit and introduced the same hack to open a new Notion doc. All you have to do is type '' in your URL bar and it will open a new Notion doc and save it to your private pages.

Of course for this to work, you need to logged in to Notion. Same applies for Google products too.

To be honest, I find the Google hack to be very useful and use it daily but I am not so sure if I would find the Notion trick to be as helpful. For starters, it's already a one-click process to create a new doc in Notion and I pretty much want it under a particular structure. I rarely create a new page under my private pages but maybe this is for creating quick pages on the fly (and restructure them later)?

How is this possible anyway

Well it's quite straightforward - Google & Notion own the respective domains and have wired it to open a new document. Google of course owns plenty of variations of the domains e.g.,,

So this could pretty much be done by any of your favourite app. Although it isn't cheap to buy & maintain the '.new' domains - every '.new' domain costs $500+/year 😯


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    Thanks for sharing this interesting feature on Docs. Not sure how I missed that :/ I'll definitely give it a shot.

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      Thanks for sharing this new feature! Can't wait to try it out.