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Hey everyone!

Kicking off this week's thread to celebrate the wins of our community members πŸ˜€

Sharing the ones I already know below. Make sure to share your wins in the comments if I haven't already included them. Will edit the post to add them.

1. Lucidspark (by Dave) became an early partnerΒ and a Zapp on Zoom.

2. Grapic (by Nikolaus) went live on the app store.

3. ProgressBoard (by Tanish) was featured on BetaList.

4. British Embassy in Finland gave a shoutout to Calbot (by Taras) on Twitter.

Congrats everyone πŸ‘


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    Incredible wins! Keep them coming πŸ’ͺΒ 

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        Congrats guys πŸ™Œ