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If you had to choose between LinkedIn or Twitter for work-related social media engagement, which would it be? And why?

I'm asking because I've been much more invested in LinkedIn previously, but lately have switched over to Twitter due to speed, engagement, and some of the new features.

Please share your thoughts and your handle(s). Eager to get other perspectives on this!



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    I got on Twitter relatively late (2017) but have quickly found it to be a great platform for gaining information relevant to me and my interests; connecting with people and organizations that are interesting; and just learning and being entertained in general.

    Conversely, I've been on LinkedIn longer, use it as a professional rolodex and newsfeed, but am increasingly finding the information I get from the platform not particularly useful. I do still find value in my public network, but it's recently felt like there's been a drop in quality in terms of authentic engagement overall (everything seems to be treated like a sales opportunity). For example, of the last 10 connection requests I receive, 8 are from people I've never met and are sent with messages that are almost certainly automation.

    As such, if asked to pick one, I'd definitely keep Twitter 🐦

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      Spot on. LinkedIn as a rolodex for me, too. And it's too slow to do anything. Twitter is much faster, more efficient. And more of my customers (early-stage startups, founders) are there.

      BTW, you need to add your twitter handle to your profile here. Can't follow you otherwise...

      Thanks, Justin!



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        Pour vous @ahn_going 👋

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      Great topic. Getting back to a research 93%of companies are using Linkedin, in their recruiting process, while candidates spend 68% of their time in social media including FB, Instagram, and Twitter and only 18% of potential candidates are daily on LinkedIn.

      I would definitely allocate more of the resources and time on social media upon the industry, social media penetration in the niche.


      Suggest reading more about that here

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        That's an intersting observation. LinkedIn gets ~75% of revenues from I thnk it skews things in that direction. 

        I'm not interested in getting a job. I want to have customer conversations.... which is much easier on Twitter.


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          That is basically a strategy to recruit, not getting hired

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            Not suer I understand, but no worries.

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        Great thread, Brendan!

        I would persoanlly choose Twitter over LinkedIn. Overall, the quality of content & engagement is amazing on Twitter. Twitter has its own problems (for instance, I see a lot of unconstructive, negative arguments & debates on Twitter) but it's relatively much better.

        There's a good amount of noise on LinkedIn, plus, I don't see people engaging on posts much. Also, people abuse connect requests a lot. I have been getting so many sales pitches (most of them templated) in the recent months.

        Having said that, LinkedIn is still a huge platform and I have personally seen it work. For instance, we saw spike in signups on Remote Clan via LinkedIn and I got almost all of the subscribers to my personal newsletter from there.

        My Twitter handle: Hrishikesh :)

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          There are ways you can really curate your feed so that Twitter is entirely useful and there isn't much noise or hostility. I've been really successful at that so far.

          I'm also having a lot of great conversations with prospects and customers now through Twitter. DMs​ are the best feature in Twitter​, and I probably have DM conversations with several dozen people every week. As a sales guy, that's ideal.

          I'm fascinated to learn more about how you made LinkedIn effective. You should probably write a short thread on that here.​ ​

          In fact, I would really like to use it to make ​people on ​LinkedIn​ aware of​ the Twitter course we are launching next month. It would be a great way to jump start their Twitter engagement. Any advice you can share?​

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            Absolutely, and it's way more tougher to clean your feed on LinkedIn.

            True, I have had great conversations on LinkedIn DMs too, but the amount of spam is huge.

            That's great! For such cases, I have realised engagement posts work well on LinkedIn where you ask interested to comment on the post. It helps a lot with the reach. Karthik has actually written a detailed article about LinkedIn posts - this should definitely help.

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              Nice article, Karthik!

              I go back to the rule that you should focus on one channel, and Twitter is so much more efficient. And serendipitous! Here's an example. I commented late to a thread because it was squarely in my area of expertise, and the response is better than anything I get on LinkedIn. And it took a minute to write.


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          ✅ Twitter for sure

          Since last year, I have been actively using Twitter. Whenever I open my news feed, there is always something new for me to read and learn (Huge fan of informational threads!)
          Found Twitter to be very supportive and people are willing to help each other. 

          Even though I use LinkedIn regularly, I personally think the content on the site isn't very great. Have come across numerous spammy posts. Still, it is a great website for finding jobs.

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            Totally agree. I started out using Twitter as a news service, and it's great for that. But it does reward people that engage and help others out.​ ​

            I have made a bunch of new friends through the various conversations, which ha​s​ turned out to be a very pleasant surprise!​ (Another reason why we are doing the course... Learning communities are a fantastic way to meet new people and make new connections.)

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            I think the answer depends on your goal; work related - to finding customers? or to be around the startup community and find potential investors or partners?    

            In my experience, Linkedin works better for finding leads and Twitter to be social into the ecosystem I'm interested in. 

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              In my experience, Twitter is better for both. LinkedIn has developed a pretty established reputation for being spammy.

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              LinkedIn as it's a great place to establish authentic conversations!!

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                Cool! How do you create those conversations?


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                  I make an intentional effort to get to know the people in my network. One of my favorite things to do is to connect people to what they are looking for, so I do some preliminary research by reading their profile etc, and then reach out with a voice memo saying how excited I am to connect with them! That usually starts the conversation off in a beautiful way!!

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                    I do the same with Twitter. DMs are invaluable.


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                Great question Brendan! 
                I am on relatively similarly active on both platforms however for work related I would still prefer Linkedin. 

                1. LinkedIn is still built for work related networking as opposed to Twitter. It just feels easier and more authentic, yes it maybe a biased opinion but it matters in my honest opinion. 

                2. Target Audience is important, but platform is equally important in my opinion. This takes into account the common notion that people view LinkedIn as the platform to engage with work related content. I can see a lot of accounts on Twitter posting great work related stuff, but it's still sometime till twitter will be a public (just common perception) option for work related networking. 

                I just see quite a LOT of noise and trolls on twitter which can just ruin the whole presence of our content, which is one MAJOR drawback according to me. 

                I had also like to touch on something Hrishikesh mentioned about receiving more engagement on Twitter over LinkedIn. I believe and I am guilty of it as well that since we know our professional connections are watching and aware of what we are engaging with, we (people in general) are quite reserved. However Twitter being relatively new and less popular amongst the older generation (people higher up in the organizations) might make it ' feel ' safer to engage with interesting content. This is just my opinion.

                My twitter handle: @prerakdongaonkar

                My LinkedIn handle: Prerak Dongaonkar