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I’m in the midst of writing my second book on sales fundamentals and would love to hear from the folks in the Remote Clan community. This latest book is specifically written with tech founders, early-stage start-ups, and freelancers in mind, and because of the audience and the subject matter I’m taking a more collaborative approach this time.

That said, I’d love to get feedback, questions, observations and war stories from founders and VC/angel investors. I’ve been working remotely for a couple decades, and a self-employed sales consultant/coach for the last ten years so I’ve seen a lot…but I haven’t seen it all.

If you’re interested, there are two ways to get involved. You can sign up for updates, chapters, and other material here http://brendanmcadams.net/my-next-book/ , or if you’d rather just share a question, comment or sales experience, you can leave details at this Google form https://forms.gle/9127NAnNxv99tKhWA Hey, you might end up being mentioned in the book (if you’ve granted me permission.)

I’ll have some sort of freebies/perks for those that sign-up or otherwise collaborate, and you also won’t have to worry about getting buried in emails.

Thanks for reading this far, and give me a shout if you want to discuss any of this. I love the remote crowd and am actively in the midst of it with my own bootstrapped start-up.

Happy selling!



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    This is great news Brendan! I am sure the book would turn out to be amazing :-)

    Thanks for sharing the post here - a lot of our community members would be happy to help out!

    @joetaylorland, @irma, @untold, @emmaguo-395, @jakobknutzen-405, @Alex, @juanbetancourt-102, @snirda: Would be amazing if you could share your inputs and help out Brendan :-)

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      Would be happy to help, but I’m not really sure exactly what you’re after? The questions are a bit broad :-)

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        Hi Jakob,

        That’s a totally legit observation. So far, I’ve been heads down on writing but want to be able to put chapters in front of founders to get feedback. I’m about a week away from that.

        And I’m also looking for interesting perspectives or stories on challenges with early sales (examples of obstacles, things that went wrong, deal issues), discussions around revenue with investors, and other surprises. Basically, I’m looking to get other perspectives into the book, either as ‘case studies’ or other teachable moments.

        Thanks for your comment, and I hope this helps.


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          Ah, that makes much more sense. Would be happy to help with what I can, even though we’re still very early.

          You can drop me a mail on jakob.knutzen@meetbutter.io!

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            Will do. Thanks!

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        Thanks, Hrishikesh! And please, I would appreciate any suggestions that I can include in the book… with attribution, of course!


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          Most welcome Brendan :-)

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        BTW, I plan to post the outline next Monday. Would welcome feedback on that. And start to share chapters the following Monday.

        Still on target for a late-October launch!