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Remember the days where you used to fret going to the workplace and just hoped that some miracle would let you work from the comfort of your home.

Well yes, that miracle is disguised in the form of a pandemic and it has forced more than 50% of the workforce to work from home.

But now, cracks are appearing to show up as workers now have to deal with longer work hours, ineffective communication, and lack of social connections. So the next time, be careful what you wish for!

I read this recent survey by Morning Consult that says 47% of those working remotely say that once it is safe to return to work, their ideal arrangement would be to continue working from home 1-4 days a week.

I also came across a research by Humu, a tech company run by Google’s former chief of human resources that said work was most effective when employees were home 1-2 days a week. I believe that this arrangement creates a balance, where office time is for collaborative work and for having meetings, while home time is for more focused and creative work.

I think that the post-Covid future will be split between office and home, as many workers are getting ready to say goodbye to the 5 day work week to switch to a hybrid model.

How would your ideal workweek look like? In-office, Hybrid, or All-remote?


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    After browsing through multiple remote working trends during the pandemic, it has become very clear that workers want a mix of both in-office and working from home.

    But the downside is that when this is not structured properly within an organization, it could lead to a huge loss in productivity and may also become difficult to retain workers.