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Twitter announced that it is introducing ‘Super Follows’ and tipping features. The feature allows users to monetize their content, giving super fans access to exclusive Twitter content. This feature is a great validation to the passion and creator economy. 



What can the users charge for?

Users can charge for:

- Newsletters
- Deals/Discounts
- Exclusive Tweets
- Supporter badge
- Community access

The Super Follow subscription is for $4.99 on a monthly basis.


Twitter is on 🚀 mode

Twitter is on a shipping spree and is going all-in by launching Spaces, Newsletters (by Revue), and Voice DM’s. 

However, Twitter’s recent launches are directly competing with products such as Clubhouse, Substack, and Patreon. But the single biggest moat is that Twitter has a huge distribution with around 330M DAU.

Although, less than 6% said they would pay for exclusive tweets in this initial poll by Austin, co-founder of Morning Brew.


What do you think of this move by Twitter? Would you pay to view someone’s tweets? 


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    It's an interesting strategy, but I think it will affect the platform's experience. If I have to pay to get the most recent content or be updated for sure, I will find another free option. Yeah, you can produce high-value content and look for monetization; for that, we have medium or custom platforms selling courses or memberships to communities, and it's okay.

    But, if I will have to pay to get noticed or see "the most special tweet" with "premium information." Thanks, but no thanks.

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      Good point, Samuel. I feel that Twitter's feed will remain the same. For content creators to reach more audiences, they'll need to share the tweets in public. It would work the same way how writers use a free newsletter to grow their audience and a paid one to monetize their content.