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Inside the all-hands meeting that led to a third of Basecamp employees quitting

Workers had questions, leadership did not have answers


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    Thanks for posting this Hrishikesh. As much of a gut-punch as it was to read. The leaders of this company are admired by many. Knowing that they're still steeped in white fragility and white silence is helpful for my research on how to be a good leader and where I spend my $$$. 

    Definitely sharing this article with my community. I am currently doing DEI contract work with a company that recently became a B-corp with a goal to become an anti-racist organization and you absolutely can have amazing meetings on Zoom but it takes working with intention and setting up some guidelines and agreements. It takes a commitment to come back to the table after you screw it up. It takes a commitment to come to the table knowing there will be screw-ups. 

    I'm on the team due to previous experience working with people with disabilities and mental health issues. I carry most of the privileges out there. I have and continue to put time and energy into understanding and identifying my privileges and biases and working to dismantle them in myself and hopefully in the larger systems where I participate.

    If you want to be a good leader, this work is a prerequisite. And it's just the right f-ing thing to do no matter who you are.