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At the start of this year I’ve built an app to enable people to connect for virtual coffees through Slack.


I released Snack at the beginning of this year and since then it has grown to 500 companies and 300k+ users. It is being used by Giphy, HP, Stanford, Harvard, UC Davis, and a ton of other cool organisations.

Snack works by pairing people through Slack to have 1:1 video conversations. The conversations include ice-breakers and a way to rate your interactions, which we later use to prioritize future matches.

Remote teams use Snack to recreate the serendipitous encounters that happen in the office.

Happy to answer any questions.


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    This is an amazing idea! I agree that there is no space for serendipitous encounters in a remote setting and products like Snack can definitely recreate that experience.

    Being in a fairly small company (less than 20), how can I match with someone having the same interests?

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      Interests only set a bias. You will still match even if you do not have overlapping interests. They act as a sort of conversation starter too (“oh, you like card games”)

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      Wow! That’s a huge growth in a few months. Congrats Gajus.

      Just wanted to know how you have leveraged the current remote working scenario for the growth of your product.

      I released Snack at the beginning of this year and since then it has grown to 500 companies and 300k+ users.

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        Congrats on a great product @gajus!

        A few things immediately really stood out for me -

        1. The time-restriction on ‘snack’ conversations is awesome. Just gives you enough time to have a quick chat with someone and if you need to talk longer, you can always connect with the person anyway :-)

        2. Love that Snack is free through the entire year. It would surely let people try it out and decide how it works for them.

        We would love to feature it on Remote Tools as well. You can submit Snack through this form and we will take care of the rest :-)

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            Wow, should have checked before suggesting :(

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          Very intersting product Gajus. I think this is a very important problem to solve.

          But I feel in random mapping isn’t there a possibility of a clash in personalities? I am just curious about what your experience has been with regards to this. Basically, how was it possibly different from an awkward conversation that intuitively seems to me to be the likely outcome?

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            What do you suggest as a solution?

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              Not sure yet. I think this is in the right direction. Would help to know what your experience has been with regards to my earlier question.