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Top remote products this week on Remote Tools.

✔️ Fusion is an all-in-one user analytics and engagement platform that allows users to interact and engage in real-time with build-in chat, push notifications, run targeted micro-survey & email campaigns from a single lightweight dashboard.

💰 Free trial for 2 seats & paid plans from $45 for 4 seats and above.

✔️ Axolo helps engineering teams to collaborate on pull requests in single-purpose ephemeral channels in Slack.

💰 Free account available. Premium plan starting at 8$/seat/month.

🤑 Deal

Use the code WEAREREMOTE to get a 25% discount on the first 3 months of Axolo.

✔️ CSVbox is a no-code, drop-in widget that allows you to accept spreadsheets (CSV, Excel) from your users in minutes.

💰 Free plan available. Paid plan starting from $9 per month. 

🤑 Deal

Get a 10% discount for all plans on Use the code REMOTETOOLS10 to avail the offer.


✔️ Peer.Page is the next best thing to meeting in person: a platform for informal one-on-one interactions, collaboration, networking, and match-making for groups of any size.

💰 Free account available for teams with up to 25 participants. Paid plan starting from 1.25 € p/person.

🤑 Deal

Extra 10% off for the Remote Clan community. To avail the discount users can reach out to [email protected]


✔️ Nook Calendar is a calendar and collaboration platform built for people, teams, and companies that embrace a hybrid work culture.

💰 Free app.


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