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Alternatives to Jira in 2021 for Self-Hosted - Agile - ZenTao

There are many other agile management tools as alternatives to Jira you could try with. We will compare features among the most popular ones to help you choose the best for you.

Our team works remotely and uses collaboration tools such as Zoom, Jira, etc. Zoom is not stable, to be honest, especially when you use their free tier. Jira is not self hosted anymore, which is not ideal, as our team is more concerned about privacy and data security.

I came across the above list and wanted to know if anyone has tried any of these tools? What would you recommend as a Jira alternative?


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    We have tried both ZenTao and Taiga.io, they are very good ones especially if you are a dev team. They are self-hosted and open source. Taiga is only free to users less than 3, they charge per user per month for any extra users. ZenTao has a free open-source version without user limitation though the features are limited. You should give it a try for both.