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I have been thinking about this over the past few weeks. We see that people are reporting the growth of remote work, which I think is really great. But in the midst of all of this, what would happen to the trend around digital nomads.

I know the two groups (remote workers and digital nomads) are often clubbed into one and are used synonymously. We know that to be untrue.

So I wanted to ask you guys. Travel is restricted now and I think it would be in a precarious position even some time into the future. Do you think this will slow down things for the “nomadic” lifestyle?


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    That’s a great point Ermira. Not that I am an expert, but I do think that there will be a temporary lull for about a year.

    But, once things start to settle down, I think everyone will forget most of whatever has happened. We do have short memories and often can’t keep away from good times for long. So, travel will resume and with that, the nomadic lifestyle should also return.

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      I think it really depends on the person’s style and risk profile. For sure in general travel will only come back gradually, then digital nomads are going to gradually return to its nomad style too!

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        If I could go out on a limb here, I think once travel normalises we will actually see a spurt in people adopting the digital nomad lifestyle. Given the many companies that are actually encouraging work from home for extended periods for their employees, adopting to a digital nomad lifestyle will be the obvious next step for quite a few of them. This could actually serve as a positive feedback loop for others considering such a move and make the practice more prevalent subsequently.

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          This seems to be a classic intersection problem - a digital nomad would require ease of travel and the ease of working remotely

          1. While on the latter, it is fairly mutual, that in both the current situation and the “new normal” - remote work is bound to be an increasing trend.

          2. As far as travel goes, in most situations, the industry in India (and some benchmarks from Japan/Far East) are looking at a 3-quarter recovery cycle. In the EU, however, there is bound to be countries like Poland and Czech Republic which open up faster and increased tourism to these countries post Sept-Dec.

          All in all, there is no reason to suspect that the growth curve won’t resume before the last quarter of the year, and even then only a few intra-regional travel trends might support the digital nomads.

          The entire analysis for other remote workers is summarized simply in (1) above

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            I’m sure it will reduce the number of people traveling as digital nomads. At the same time, once you’re committed to spend your life around the world without attachment to your home, I don’t think all of them will be bothered by this.

            About the digital nomad lifestyle;

            I believe it’s cool to travel as a digital nomad while being paid at the same time.

            I did Spain/Portugal & SE-Asia in the last year.

            But for me, productivity will always beat trying to work while visiting the world. Long travel trips can be done to relax and get your mind off things, but I make real achievements from my home office or a co-working space.