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Dropbox has been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of remote work culture, as the company decided to entirely forgo the office work setting to transform into a Virtual First company. 

Since then the company has strived to make virtual work easier for employees and employers alike by releasing innovative products that support globally distributed teams to maintain work-life balance and collaborate efficiently.

Products like Space 2.0 and The Lunch Dropbox have attempted to provide solutions to the newly emerged remote work problems. 

Now, Dropbox is back with 3 brand new features called Dropbox Capture, Dropbox Replay and Dropbox Shop. All three products are designed to support distributed teams and help them do more with their content in Dropbox. 



Dropbox Capture

Capture is a visual communication tool that offers users the ability to communicate by recording their screens to share short video messages with your team. It is a great alternative to traditional text-based email communication that doesn’t ideally support remote workspaces.

Dropbox Replay  

Replay makes it easier to manage, share and receive feedback on videos. With Replay, teams can review videos without downloading them first and also send and receive feedback - all retained within Replay. 

The Replay feature isn’t available just yet, but you can join the waiting list for early access.    

Dropbox Shop 

Shop is the most innovative feature among the three. It allows users to start selling digital products stored in their dropbox folder. Shop is coming in Beta soon, so interested users can join the waiting list.