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Goldman Sachs CEO slaps down 'aberration' of remote work

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon on Wednesdayย rejected the "aberration" of remote work, which has become a popular alternative to in-person offices during the coronavirus pandemic.


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    Late last year, Deutsche Bank had suggested 5% privilege tax for remote workers since they harm the economy by not using enough public infrastructure. And just weeks later, announced permanent WFH twice a week for their employees ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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      "Privilege tax?!?!?" For public infrastructure? They mean for trains (rail) and buses? Or the capital expenditure of bridges and roads? ๐Ÿ‘‚Bad take IMO

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      I feel these are just click baits or people who worked in an office the majority of their lives, as we all know that due to the pandemic remote work boomed across the world, and it will probably become the norm for all entrepreneurs willing to start a new business from now on.

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        It will be very interesting to see how employees react to return to the office when the rest of the world will be working remotely, in fact finding a remote job at this time is easier than in the office, so wondering how these decisions and speeches will affect the employee retention rate of these types of companies.

        You personally could become a hater of remote work, but that does not mean that you close the door to each and every member of your cooperation, sounds very selfish and definitely resistant to the evolution.

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          I think it's a fair presumption that GS sees more upside in going with the status quo (pre-COVID).

          At least in the short termโ€ฆ