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Microsoft announced this week that it will end support for the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application on June 15, 2022.ย 

After being in use for more than 25 years, the once most-used web browser has been in a downward spiral for nearly two decades as people instead use competitors like Chrome or Safari.ย 

In the announcement, Microsoft said Internet Explorer is slow, no longer practical for or compatible with many modern web tasks, and is far less secure than modern browsers.

Competitors and Market Share

As of April, Chrome led with a 65% global browser market share, followed by Appleโ€™s Safari with an 18% market share. Edge trailed with a 3% share, while Internet Explorer hardly had any significant market share.

Future of Internet Explorer

With the failures of IE in mind, Microsoft launched the modern Edge browser in 2015 using Google's open-source Chrome code. Since the launch, it has been received well and gained much more traction than IE.

Sean Lyndersay, Microsoft's program manager for Edge said

"We are announcing that the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge,"

"Not only is Microsoft Edge a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, but it is also able to address a key concern: compatibility for older, legacy websites and applications."

Which browser do you use while working remotely? What do you like about it?


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    I use Chrome, Safari, and Firefox - each for a different purpose.

    Safari and Firefox are for specific clients - it helps me feel like I am in that one client's "office" or "space" somehow. It helps me separate things and get in that specific task's mindset.

    Chrome is for everything else and for shorter work. Ironically, I find that Chrome is the slowest/worst one to use with Google products for some reason.

    As for Edge, never used it!

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      It's great that you use different browsers for each client. I use two different browser profiles to help me distinguish between work and personal.ย 

      Yes, agree with you that Chrome is super slow, and it also consumes a lot of my PC's resources. ย After trying various browsers, I ended up switching to Brave, as it offers a seamless browsing experience.

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        Interesting, I didn't know about Brave! I'm going to take a look :)