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Ford delays return-to-work hybrid plan to March amid COVID uncertainty

Ford Motor Co said on Monday it would push its return-to-work hybrid plan to March as the state of the COVID-19 pandemic remained uncertain.

- Ford announced hybrid remote for 30,000 employees in March, 2021. They initially planned to implement hybrid work starting January, 2022. However, due to the scare of the new Covid variant, Omicron, Ford has pushed back its plans tentatively to March, 2022.

- Ford is not the only company to do so. Google, Apple, General Motors & many others also pushed their respective plans to get people back in office, in some form, to later next year.

- Hybrid remote is an experimental model and everyone's keen to see the results of its large-scale implementation. However, Covid seems to be adamant on not letting people get back to office.


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