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Story Link: https://plutohq.in

So, my friend and I have been working on a project called Pluto.

Think of it as Zoom + Slack on steroids! 🚀

Or, if you've used Discord in the past then think of it as "Discord for Business".

We launched the alpha version last week and are now looking for small teams who could use it with their teammates and provide feedback and suggestions. 

What's on offer? 🤑

If you're willing to use the product daily with your teammates and provide feedback on a weekly basis (for at least 3 months), you could win the product for free forever. Yep, I am serious. No questions asked. You'll never have to pay for it. Use it for free and without any restrictions. 

What's the goal? 🧐

To build a better product - as simple as that. We've built a solid product and are now ready to integrate solutions and features that you want for your team. 

We've started taking our first steps towards achieving product-market fit and could use your help. 

Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form on the website if you have any questions. 📟

Pluto - connect, collaborate, create


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    FYI - we're just two guys who built this product remotely. We're looking to build a founding team and are open to getting on a call if you're interested. For now, we're looking for MERN stack developers, full-stack designers and growth strategists. If that sounds like you then feel free to reach out at [email protected] 

    Oh and here is a small feedback form that we've created : https://forms.gle/pqCK3bb8WmqhTX8E9