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Three Simple Answers to Remote Work's Most Important Questions for 2021

Despite all the benefits of remote work, there remains plenty of debate on how we choose to implement it. Something such as the future of work shouldn't be so controversial. We decided to bring some of that research in answering some of remote work's most important questions of 2021.

Remote monitoring software, relocation pay-cuts for remote workers, Back to the office or remote-first, something such as the future of work shouldn't be so controversial. 

But every story has two sides, so we broke down the arguments that support or reject these debates in this new article.

What is your take on remote work's most important questions for 2021? 

-Do companies need to monitor their remote employees activity? 
-Is it right to cut a remote worker's salary if they move to a lower lower-income area? 
-Is hybrid work really the best option? 

Would love to read your thoughts below! 


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    I agree it shouldn't be so contorversial!!! But I come from an entrepreneur background where what I put into it is what I get back. I'm not familiar with working for someone else and their dreams and goals, as I've always worked for my own. Even now, I am working with a startup so I do work for someone else, however I feel very strongly about the mission and joined their team with the mentality that I work WITH them and not for them. That said, I my work performance is based on hitting goals and not on how many hours I put in. I'm not personally inprised by filling hours in a day but rather mission focused. So I think if companies focused more on how to inspire and motivate their workers instead of counting hours, I think better work will come from it. But I also never worked for someone where I don't believe in the company's mission or goals, perhaps this unfold differently if that was the case.