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I was recently listening to the All-In podcast and someone there asked a very interesting question about remote working and the recent news that Apple employees don't want to go back to the office - "Would the iPhone be invented if the teams working on it were remote?".

I'm sure there is an argument to be made that engineering teams need to be together to work on the hardware. But what about software, design and all other functions?

There must be something "quite special" about being shouted at by Steve Jobs in person that created the iPhone 😅

Or stories like how the original iPhone keyboard (short video I found about it, but the longer story explains how teams collaborated on it in more detail) was invented just show how important it was for those teams to be together in the office.

What do you think?


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    That's an interesting thought! Apple is committed to fostering a strong office culture, that embraces real-life collaboration. It also explains why Apple has been hesitant to offer remote working to everyone. 

    Whether remote teams can pull off an iPhone is debatable.

    But despite the present situation, remote teams have been working productively to develop and build almost everything from games to software. Perhaps one day, a fully remote company might create something revolutionary like the iPhone! 

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      Yeah, that's a very interesting thought!

      I am doing a lot of customer interviews at the moment for my startup and whilst a lot of people are excited about remote work because of the flexibility it gives - they admit that their firms have not figured it out yet and there are a lot of issues there.

      I guess the best way to iron out those problems is by doing and maybe one day it will become as effective as in-person collaboration is!