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Hello everyone! 👋

Codility released their new report: The state of Remote Work for Engineers

The report:


Would you prefer working remotely:

* 38.7% fully remote

* 29.3% half remote

* 21.9% more than one day per week remote

* 5.4% without remote

* 4.8% other


Productivity effect of remote work:

* 52.7% more efficiency and productivity

* 31.6% same efficiency and productivity

* 14.0% less efficiency and productivity

* 1.7% other



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    Indeed great facts. As a remote worker, I can tell our performance doubled since the starting remote work

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      Great report!

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        This is great!

        I just shared it with our remote working engineers. 

        It's soo true that remote work helps work-life conflicts.

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          Thanks for sharing this, Boris. Really enjoyed going through this engaging report. One data that always shows up on all surveys is that productivity has increased manifold. 

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            Being a freelance developer for a couple of years now, I am happy to know that the general feeling is becoming quite positive around remote working! Does require a lot more discipline though :)