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Top remote-first products this week on Remote Tools

✔️ Slideshare lets you share content with a simple scan. With Slideshare, you can upload your content, add custom QR code to any presentation and streamline sharing.

💰 Free

✔️ oVice creates 2D virtual spaces for lifelike communication. Virtually walk, talk, and interact in a space that's easily customizable and manageable.

💰 Free trial available. Paid plans start from $50/ month

✔️ Doodle is a team bonding tool where you can take turns drawing and guessing prompts. It lets you spark friendly competition with your team and boosts team morale.

💰 3 free games

🤑 Deal

Get 20% off on the first month using PH20. Valid until April 30th.

✔️ WTeam is a virtual workplace for remote and distributed teams. With WTeam, you can make video calls, co-work, and chat in one click and celebrate success.

💰 Free plan available. Paid plans start from $8/ month

🤑 Deal

Get a 50% discount for the first year by reaching out to [email protected]

✔️ Glean is a note-taking tool designed to improve your learning and productivity. It allows students to create effective and meaningful notes. Alternative to Notion and Evernote.

💰 Free trial available. Paid plans start from $8/ month


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    oVice - @saehyung-1526

    WTEAM - @gulnar_wteam