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A few weeks back, I received an inspiring story in my inbox about how remote working has changed a personโ€™s life. In spite of her having a chronic illness, she was able to work remotely and was even able to climb the corporate ladder.

Remote working welcomes communities and groups of people who have been previously marginalized, to a level playing field.

Moms, and especially single ones, often struggle to maintain a work-life balance. But now, by working from home with flexible work schedules, moms can work as well as take care of their children and family.

Remote working also enhances accessibility for people who were earlier not able to commute due to several reasons. They can now contribute to their company by working from their home office as it provides a safe environment.

And for companies, remote working gives access to a diverse pool of people who have been previously invisible on their radar. And finally, focusing on diversity and inclusion is not only a smart thing to do for businesses but also the right thing to do for humanity.


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    Thank you for this. Because I work from home as a Neurolanguage Coach, I donโ€™t have to send my kids back to school this year with all this happening. Remote work is the best!

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      Great post Sarah! Completely agree with you on this.

      This was a story posted by @jennifer-aldrich and here is the link https://remoteclan.com/s/i4arfd/diagnosed_with_chronic_illness_remote