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Share Instantly. Review Clearly. | wipshot

A new way to communicate creative work: share, review, compare, annotate, comment, message, voice note, transfer, and archive!

Hi, so I just stumbled upon remoteclan today and feel so seen.
Though I’ve been a marketer for a good amount of years it’s my first time marketing for a SaaS(software as a service) company. I saw a post similar to my question and saw many legitimate and constructive suggestions, so here goes-

Looking for solid advice or intuitive ideas on how to best market this service:

what is it
* A Reviewing, Proofing & Streamlining Platform for Creative Contents
* As much as we love slack and dropbox, it probably isn’t a good fit for the creative content today. wipshot is a free web app that helps to streamline reviewing, proofing, and feedback for videos and images between collaborators, creators and clients. No more dispersed emails, texts, phone calls, and meetings. 

My current promotion in the works to market it:  a free plan and there's also a 14day trial plan that doesn't require a credit card to start. 

I hope this tool can help content managers and creators penetrate communication barriers especially difficult during this pandemic and would really love your feedback on what’s missing or anything else that would help us build a genuinely useful resource for the community.

We are in the best of times with technology making our lives easier to progressively collaborate from wherever we are!! Keep inspiring guys! 


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    Wipshot appears to be really helpful for video editing since there is clearly a need for teams to simplify the reviewing and feedback process. Excited to see this product take-off!!

    PS: congrats on the launch!