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I was on vacation the past month and got the chance to listen to some true crime podcasts.

So, if you’re into podcasts or true crime then here are my picks.

- Dr.Death Season 1

- Dr.Death Season 2

- Monster: The Zodiac Killer

- Atlanta Monster

I listened to these on Spotify but they are available on other major services as well.

When do I listen to podcasts?

- Cooking

- Doing dishes

- Cleaning

- Exercising

Also, if you have any interesting podcast in mind do mention it in the comments. I'd love to give it a try.Β 


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    Thanks for the suggestions Prithvi. I never even knew such a genre existed in podcasts πŸ˜…

    I am usually listening to business or marketing podcasts.

    Will give this a try. I like reading thriller books & watching true crime on tv (although very rarely now) so I might end up liking it.