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Offsyte is a marketplace for virtual team outings

Maker - @emmaguo-395

Offsyte handpicks the most highly-rated virtual team outings so that you can easily find and book a remote team building event. Regardless of your industry or your working situation, you’ll find the perfect event to bond and stay connected with your team.

Pricing depends on the individual event.


TaskOnBot is a Slack app to manage all tasks from one place

Maker - @anujkumarverma-403

TaskOnBot is an automated task management & collaboration tool for Slack. Use TaskOnBot to assign tasks, increase employee productivity and check task summary to get statistical performance of your employees.

Free version available for upto 5 users. Paid plans start from $15 / month.


MeetButter is an all-in-one video conferencing tool for hosting interactive sessions

Maker - @jakobknutzen-405

With MeetButter, you can host interactive workshops, meetings, training sessions and live courses. It is equipped with the tools that help you solve problems, make decisions and brainstorm ideas.

Free access during the beta period.


Crewscale lets you hire remote talent across the globe

Maker - @raghubharat-416

Crewscale connects you with the right candidates handpicked from a pre-vetted pool of talent across the globe. Crewscale’s comprehensive hiring process is crafted to not just find the best talent with the required tech skills, but those with relevant domain expertise too.

Pricing is on an hourly or weekly basis depending on the nature of work. Starts from 30$ per hour.


Apteo lets you visualize and analyze data with your team

Apteo lets teams connect and analyze their most important data using sophisticated data science tools in a simple and intuitive interface. With Apteo, you can quickly and easily graph your data, including joins, filters, and groupings whenever you need to.

Free version is available. Paid plans start from $47 / month/ user.


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    Offsyte - @emmaguo-395

    TaskOnBot - @anujkumarverma-403

    MeetButter - @jakobknutzen-405

    CrewScale - @raghubharat-416

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      Congrats! @jakobknutzen-405

      Meetbutter sets the direction to a meeting with agendas and timers. Also, like how it has speaker queues to manage participants so that only one person can present at a time. Great work Jakob!

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        Thanks, Lucas! Really glad to hear that you like it!

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        Woohoo, so exciting!