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ey everyone,

Extending a warm welcome the newest members on our community!

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    Hi Everyone,

    ย  ย Prashanth here, I am working as a Lead Platform Engineer at Paysafe. In my free time I work on my saas products. Recently I have launchedย  Remotejobhuntbuddyย  which helps remote job aspirants in finding their dream remote job.

    ย  ย I am interested in remote jobs and I don't want to browse hundred different sites to find the jobs so I have built this tool to solve that problem and I felt it might help others so I launched it as a saas product.


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      Hi everyone, This is surya here and I work remotely as a product marketer at Animaker Inc. I'm behind the product Vmaker. Vmaker is a screen recording and a video communication tool for remote workers and during my free time, I'm building which is a fantasy football blog ranked 9th best in the world!ย 

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        Welcome, everyone! ๐Ÿ‘‹ย 

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          Hi everyone,

          I'm David, I'm the co-founder of Dr. Remote the solution to make your team better asynchronously: Detect what is working or not, find solutions using collective intelligence and take care of the team practices.

          I'm also a remote work advocate and I help companies define and improve their handbook to transition to a more flexible way of working.

          Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any feedback on our product or if you want help setting up a continuous improvement process., I would be happy to help.

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            Hey, Folks Mayank here,

            I'm building Poppins, remotely for teams on Slack. ( Https:// for more)


            happy to connect and chat!