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HubSpot, a hybrid remote-office company, acquires The Hustle. This move allows HubSpot to provide additional content to its customers across multiple channels.

What is The Hustle?

The Hustle is a niche media company that produces a newsletter with 1.5 million subscribers. It also has a subscription offering called Trends, a premium research content newsletter, and a podcast called My First Million.

Why buy a media company?

HubSpot is mostly known for its educational blog, YouTube content, and Academy. It has built a large community around its education content with 7m people reading its blogs every month.

In more recent years, HubSpot's customers started to seek out news, research, and trends through other forms of medium like podcasts & newsletters. 

Sam Parr, CEO of The Hustle says 

By joining the HubSpot team, we’ll take that mission to the next level to build the best business content networks in the world.

What do you think about software companies buying niche media companies?