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Top remote products this week on Remote Tools.

✔️ Picmaker is an AI-based graphic design platform that lets you create eye-catching designs across 70+ categories.

💰 Free account available. Premium plan starting from $7.99/month.

✔️ Pumble is a free team chat app that allows teams of all sizes to collaborate. Free plan gives you unlimited chat history and unlimited number of users.

💰 Free plan available. Paid plan starting from $1.99 per user/month.

✔️ qube is a virtual office that enables you to feel connected and grounded. See who's chatting with coworkers, out of the office, or stepped out for lunch.

💰 Free for a limited time.


✔️ Signal Flare puts shared annotations into your Google Analytics and Search Console to aid remote collaboration. It lets you add notes directly to charts through its easy chrome extension.

💰 Free to use for all single player features, payment plans kick in with the team collaboration features. If you sign up for the newsletter, you get an invite-only dataset with all Google algorithm updates.


✔️ Weje is a virtual whiteboard solution for different purposes: teamwork, online education, or whenever you want fix individually in one place.

💰 Free for personal use and students. Paid plan starting from $4 per user/month.



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    Picmaker - @pradeep-2225

    Pumble - @anadodig-2223

    qube - @qube-2224

    Signal Flare - @mikeagar-2217

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      Hello Everybody!  Mike from Signal Flare here, feel free to ask me anything.

      Signal Flare Teaser Video