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Apple employees want more remote-work flexibility post-COVID

In a letter to CEO Tim Cook, some workers express reservations about a "one-size-fits-all" requirement to work on site three days a week.


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    Thank you for sharing this Mark! The current conflict between Apple employees and management about the return to the office is part of a larger issue of organizations assuming employees need hybrid work.

    If the pandemic has shown us anything, is that remote work is the best option for many employees and they shouldn't have to give it up to meet company standards.

    In our most recent article Remote First Vs. Remote Friendly: A Pivotal Battle In Hybrid Work Models, we talk about how to conduct an organizational analysis to see how your employees feel about remote work, which processes should continue to be done remotely, and the hybrid models available to you.

    Most importantly we talk about the difference between remote-friendly and remote first and why distributed teams benefit the most from a remote-first model.

    Let me know what you think!

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      There are many interesting points in your article. I particularly liked the explanation about the different types of remote work models. Thank you for sharing this useful resource!