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Hello, I have been developing a no-code API testing tool for last 6 months to solve some really painful problems I felt in API Testing. Please give me your honest and toughest feedback.

The problems I feel are -

1.  There are a lot of tools, but none of them covers all the aspects of API Testing i.e. Functional (hit-n-trial), assertions, scenario (flow of APIs) and load testing
2.  Because of lots of tools, its redundante to do configurations in each tool separately
3.  All different tools requires us to go through a new learning curve
4.  JMeter has a complicated UI for 2021
5.  Devs don't do load testing because its too much hassle
6.  Existing tools don’t show details about errors other than APIs HTTP response
7.  Existing tools are overpriced

Please let me know your thoughts. Please share stories issues that you faced in past or currently facing with API Testing.

Also tried to illustrate the problem in this short comic :)

Comic about Problems with existing API Testing tools


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    Hey Aishwary,

    Looks like you're solving an interesting problem and a real pain-point. Tbh, in the last few years, I have hardly load tested APIs myself. Have been building monoliths all the way along and otherwise integrating with external APIs not worrying so much about the load.

    But I remember facing similar problems in 2013-2014 (I know it's way back in time). I used JMeter then and felt its UI was not great or easy to understand but at that time, even the benchmark was such.

    I think I can related to #5 the most across all my experience. I didn't see my peers or most people in my team worry so much about load testing - it is partly due to it not being an urgent need and maybe partly there's no easy way to do it extensively. But as I was saying, on one of my projects, it was a hard constraint to load test a certain set of APIs and I had a hard time researching & using solutions then.