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Hello everyone!
Hope all of you are doing great! 

This isn't entirely related to remote work, but my work arrangement has allowed me to work in a hybrid model with my manager overseas in the US ( I am based in India ). 

Coming to the main point of the post, I would request you all to provide recommendations for free tools integrated into MS Teams which can help me plan, view, and work on personal targets, project tasks that may not be necessarily the most important but would add immense value if implemented.

The reason I ask is that this list keeps on growing and as we get involved deeper into projects, these tasks may slip out of our minds. 

I know Excel is a popular tool, however, I would like something with a board/chart / timeline-like tool to work with as it is more engaging.

Thanks a lot! 


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    Trello has integration with Teams, not sure if it comes with the free plan though.

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      Trello, Clickup, and Asana are some productivity tools that integrates with MS Teams. MS Planner is also another useful tool for organising and managing tasks.