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Hey everyone!

Kicking off this week's thread to celebrate the wins of our community members 😀

Sharing the ones I already know below. Make sure to share your wins in the comments if I haven't already included them. Will edit the post to add them.

1. Brendan is doing the #Ship30For30 challenge - 30 atomic essays in 30 days.

2. Raul has enrolled Fair Remote for Stripe Climate where they will contribute 5% of subscription to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

3. Codestream (by Peter & Claudio) has a new feature where you can mark codemarks as resolved.

Congrats everyone 👏


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    thanks for the shoutout! if anyone has feedback on our new codemark resolution workflow, we'd love to hear it :)

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        Thanks so much for the shoutout! 🙌

        We've just enrolled in Stripe Climate for another initiative of ours (https://econub.com) and closed our first sales ever! 🎉 We made it be more like "Buy me a coffee" sort of thing, and already got 21 coffees over 2 days.

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        Thanks, Hrishikesh! I am in fact cranking away at my 250 word essays... It's a good challenge.

        And I need to get back into it here at the RC. I miss you guys!