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Pretty exciting news on the crypto front 🚀 - PayPal getting involved is probably the biggest endorsement of crypto by an incumbent tech company after Square's tacit approval via the Bitcoin feature on Cash app.

Totally makes sense too as running any sort of payments/fintech on crypto rails should be viewed as a no-brainer for a company involved in global payments. We'll have to wait a bit to see what PayPal's actual intentions are though as there won't be any live crypto features until later in 2021.

Should go without saying though, anyone getting any exposure to the crypto economy sooner rather than later will certainly have a headstart as I think it's pretty clear now we're surely moving towards a future where digital assets are normalized.


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    haha, when I read this tweet, I was like Justin must be jumping somewhere on planet Earth right now.

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      Currently in France 🤪

      The news is definitely positive because it can potentially help with more mainstream adoption, wash away some of the negative associations people have with crypto.

      But I'm waiting to see what PayPal actually enables users to do. After all, I wouldn't be surprised to see them treat crypto just like they would any other currency they manage - fees on top of fees on tops of fees 😂

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        Definitely positive news! Paypal associating themselves with crypto is a huge validation that it can be used for payments & business transactions. Eager to see how this turns out 🤞

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          Totally. When clients pay us, we are like, wait a second, this is not what we budgeted for :/

          But exciting times!

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              Ahh, very interesting. I have been educated. Thank you