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Riding high on the work-from-home wave, Slack introduced a ton of new features through Slack Frontiers, its annual customer conference. Here are some interesting highlights that are worth taking a note.

Another Step Towards Better Collaboration

Slack is making it easier to message people outside their company by adding a new feature that allows for efficient cross-company collaboration across different teams.

Another intriguing feature is an always-on audio feed. This is quite similar to the feature on Discord, but instead of gaming, it will be used by workers for unscheduled, spontaneous conversations that cannot be explained well through text messages. 

According to Slack, this is designed for “ad hoc connections when you need a quick answer or more eyes on a problem.”

Silicon Valley's Obsession with the Stories Feature

What started off as a feature used only on social media websites, has now begun to take over enterprise products as well, with Slack planning to implement Instagram-like stories feature.

Slack is describing these video stories as asynchronous video clips that can be used to share status updates without having the trouble of setting up a video conferencing session. Moving ahead, I think this will be the standard way of conducting daily standups. Thoughts?

One for the Sneakerheads

Now you can sport a Slack branded sneaker and also upload a cool status on Slack Stories. Who would have imagined this to turn out to be true a year ago? 🤔

Slack announced a collaboration with the footwear brand Cole Haan to co-create limited-edition sneakers retailing at $120. Honestly, I like the looks of it and would go in for a darker version of these.

What do you think about Slack's experiments and which one are you eager for?


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    After facing dissent from its users for being too addictive and interruptive, I believe Slack is transitioning to an async chat tool with these new features. The stories feature will be particularly useful for distributed remote teams where synchronous communication might be difficult.

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      So do you use your Slack in Dark Mode too? 😂

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        Haha you are right, I use nearly every product including Slack, Twitter, and even Notion in dark mode. 😅 This could be an interesting topic for discussion. 

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          This could be an interesting topic for discussion.

          If I'm using an app and it has a dark mode, I'm definitely toggling it 🌚

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          I also use Slack in Dark mode, and I love it :-)

          We should also make RemoteMore in dark mode :D

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          Great move from Slack -


          I have pondered in the past if we should switch away from Slack because we were missing those two features. Now we can try it out inside of Slack, and make up our mind if we should use them or not :-)