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TUI Is Pitching Remote Work Holidays as the Next Employee Benefit

Global tour operator TUI may have a captive audience for its new remote work holiday packages, which it is currently pitching to companies.

“Workcation” is emerging to be the new buzzword in remote work circles. It is a concept where employees work remotely from any location they want for a certain period of time which serves as a working vacation. It can be a great way to get a change of scenery for a while and to rejuvenate, all ready to tackle your daily work. 

Noticing the popularity of this concept, global tour company TUI has launched exciting new “workcation” packages that promote 3-4 week stays at all-inclusive hotels and resorts. The stay comes with top-notch WiFi (to get your work done without a hiccup), a comfortable workspace, and a balcony and terrace.

Speaking about the consensus of workcation among the companies, Richard Sofer, commercial and business development director at TUI UK said,

“I have spoken, just conceptually, to a few large employers in the UK about what they feel about this. And there’s certainly at a very senior level some interest in this. Companies could see it as a fantastic employee benefit. They could even use it as a reward mechanism, or build it into their own benefits packages for employees.”

TUI believes that adding workcations to employee benefits packages can be a great idea. The basic model is as follows - during the 4 weeks stay the employee will work for the first week, enjoy their vacation for the next two weeks and work during the last week. The company has tested this on their own employees which allowed them to validate the idea. 

Although it seems like there is still time for the “workcation” model to truly take off, it will be interesting to see how companies leverage it. 

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