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Top remote products this week on Remote Tools


✔️ Beseda allows remote teams to communicate asynchronously and effectively by sending recorded videos and audios.

💰 Free account available. 


✔️ is a job board where you'll find the best remote developer jobs and companies to work for.

💰 Job listing starts from $99 per listing


✔️ Promyze helps developers define and share their best coding practices to increase code quality and improve their skills.

💰 Free 30 day trial. Paid plan starting from €12 /month/user.

🤑 Deal

Get 50% discount for 3 months on monthly paid plans by entering the code REMOTECOMMUNITY2021.


✔️ Simplified is an all-in-one platform that helps you design anything, scale your brand, and collaborate with your team like never before.

💰 Free account available. Paid plan starts from $5.


✔️ Briefbid is a collaboration tool and media marketplace that helps planners maximize media investment, and save time planning campaigns.

💰 Free account available. 


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