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Hey everyone!

I wanted to share how I’m communicating busy times to family when working remotely in a home office.

The TL;DR of the post from my blog, is by using a wall-mounted tablet that displays Google Calendar. The calendar displays my busy times for the day, and is updated in realtime. This provides adequate information for my family to know when I am busy and when I have a few minutes to spare.

I’m curious to hear what other people are doing to combat family interruptions when working remotely.


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    This is a smart idea, Kevin. It would definitely help in creating boundaries between home and office hours.

    I usually close my workspace room to avoid any interruption but sometimes it’s just not enough. I should probably try something like this :))

    Curious to know what others do as well.

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      Hey Kevin, That’s pretty cool :). I am new to remote working and haven’t really invested the time to structure my new way of working. Currently, it has just been about my work itself rather than the approach to it.

      So, this is really great. While I might not immediately go as high tech like you, this gives me some initial direction to work with :)