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Hello everyone! Hope all of you are doing good! 

After moving back home (India) after 4 years in the US (where I was thriving in my WFH environment), which I understand is quite a big change in provacy expectations but how do people deal with Working From Home, staying productive while being constantly interrupted throughout the day? 

To be honest, it was quite a productive environment for me back in the US, but I am with my family right now which is more important. 

I have been struggling with this quite a bit and often end up snapping at someone for no fault of theirs. 
One reason I know for sure is the BIG change in schedule as I had before compared to now but that's not something I can really control at the moment. 

It's quite difficult for me to open up to people in general, but that is what I think this community is all about. Helping fellow remote workers grow!

I would really appreciate any advice, I really want to make this work while enjoying my time at home and not succumbing to pressure that affect me ( I know they shouldn't, I am working on not letting them affect me! )



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    Hey Prerak, It is great that you are actually internalising this and trying to find solutions for it - a majority won't even approach it this way, so kudos!

    I have read about people putting out display cards on their door showcasing whether they can be interrupted or not - something like a Do Not Disturb sticker when you are in a meeting or in deep work (I will share a link to the article when I find it).

    I think it is also about maintaining a consistent schedule which will allow others to get accustomed to also. Basically, tell them that say 9am to 12pm you will be working but will come out for a period of half an hour from 12-12:30pm when you can engage with your family. 

    Of course, there is always the option of going to a co-working space for a few hours a day or a few days a week.

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      Thanks for the suggestions Karthik! I appreciate it! 

      Yeah I figured that setting a schedule would be the most helpful, and I have struggled with that since I came back here, because it definitely feels like I have a complete 180 turn. 

      Yes I think a co working space for a few hours in the day might be the best interim solution while I work on the internals conflicts but also engage peacefully with people around me! 


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        All the best! Let me know what works out the best :)

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      Hey Prerak,

      It definitely is a big change! I used to live by myself up until recently, so WFH was pretty much without any distractions. But, I've spent 3 months with my family during the summer, working from home, and I completely understand the change and the challenges you're going through.

      Even when I go home on vacation I snap at people for no reason because I'm used to having my own schedule and not having to explain any of my actions to anyone else. I know what happens when you include work into that as well.

      If you have a separate room where you can work, I definitely recommend you do that and get some noise-canceling headphones. But in any case, sit down with your family and explain to them that the fact you're actually at home doesn't mean you're not working (it's something my family struggled to understand). Create a list of ground rules that will help you manage the situation like another user suggested - set your working hours, tell them when you're not to be disturbed, explain how you're feeling after this big change and how it affects your daily productivity. 

      I found that these conversations work, and having those ground rules will really help you take a step in the right direction. However, you need to let some time pass pay until you and your family adjust to the new situation, so don't be too hard on them or yourself if it doesn't work instantly :) Good luck!

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        Wow Bojana,

        Thanks for such a great answer! You made some really good points and I will definitely consider them! 


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        Hi Prerak, 


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          Hey Luis. Rootlo is surely interesting. Thanks for sharing the story behind building this tool. 

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