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Hey everyone,

Extending a warm welcome the newest members on our community!

Would be amazing if you could:

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    I'm Kaustubh. I've been a remote entrepreneur for over a decade. I take pride in building CrazyEngineers - an online community of engineers from scratch and scaled it to over 400,000 engineers across 180 countries; delivering ~3.2 million pageviews/month. 

    I'm an advocate of remote working since the time it wasn't cool. The hardest part of working remotely was explaining what I do to my nosy relatives. Most of them couldn't figure out how does he claim to make money by sitting in front of computer all day; because computers were meant to for watching movies and photos and facebook.

    I'm currently helping a fast growing company setup their data engineering division. On this forum because of tweets from Hrishikesh and Karthik. 

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      Hey people, what's up.

      I'm Jose, people call me Saura (my surname). I never worked 100% remotely (well.. maybe 1 month when covid hit), that's why I'm here, to learn and improve.

      I am a front end developer interested in product management and development. I'm really into UX and idk... I'm musician too.

      my GIF, hahaha


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        Great to see many new people! Welcome, everyone!

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          Hey team!

          I'm Will, formerly a 'corporate strategist' for a large retailer, HBC - fun, cool job that I lucked into and that allowed me to work among Toronto, NYC, Koeln, and Amsterdam. I was struggling with choppy Skype from Day 1, and have been amazed how technology has progressed in only a short while.

          I co-founded Tangle with my close friend Nate while in Cornell's Tech (STEM) MBA program, he an 8 year SWE for Microsoft. We started developing the idea in Summer '19, with the idea being to tie just-maturing tech (like NLU) together to create a human-centered experience/interface on the computer. So - move from lists and dashboards to a product that performs actions and presents information visually/vocally/spatially, and thereby remove the interactive barriers to office-quality remote work. 

          Nate, myself, and our engineer Nima are really excited by the early results and have lots more in store. Nice to meet you all! Let me (seen below) know if I can be of any service!

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            Hey everyone,

            This is Victor. I've been in product for most of my career, and really discovered remote work as an early product manager at GitLab. 

            We're currently making Ensembl Talk to help teams get the most out of async workflows. Always interested in chatting all things remote!

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              Hi there, My name is Maria Jose. I am a tech-savvy leader, a digital immigrant and a productivity aficionada. All important characteristics for running a tech-enabled transformation business. 

              I am here to share and learn - I love to create content, which is relevant and not redundant. I am thrilled to be part of vibrant debates.