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Hey everyone,

Kicking off this week's thread to welcome the newest members on our community!

1. Hardik is currently building WotNot, a no-code bot builder.

2. Cecilia is the founder at Spotwalk, which makes personalized pet care scalable.ย 

3. Marianna works in software application support at Meona.

4. Sam is the founder at Timespace where they makes apps for wellbeing & productivity.

5. Steve works in customer success & project management and has worked with Thomson Reuters for 10+ years.

6. Mike is a solutions constultant at Oracle.

7. Ajay is a JavaScript & Wordpress developer and has worked previously with BrowserStack.

8. Philip is a product manager at Experian Consumer Services & had 20 yrs of military experience (US Navy)

9. Milos is the lead developer at Kontist and has 8+ yrs of software development experience.

10. Georgi is the founder at TellTrail, Slack plugin to communicate effectively in remote teams.

11. Tyrone works in business development at Webanywhere - they're launching a video collaboration tool soon.

12. Shehan is a digital marketing specialist at Creately.

13. Promise Emeka is the president at Excellent Bridge Systems, software dev company in Nigeria.

14. Bill is senior engineer at Oddball & has 10+ yrs of software development experience.

15. Liana is the founder at Inspiration Space, community for startup founders.

16. Jeff is currently building Nucleus, centralised communication platform.


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      Welcome @hardikmakadia-654 @cecilia-650 @mayawall-656 @samengstrm-657 @stevemarzeotti-659 @mgco @ajaymaurya-669 @philipkaso @milos-672 @georgiapostolov-673 @tyrone-674 @shehanperera-676 @emekapromise-678 @bill-679 @lianafricker-680 @thejeffhopp ๐Ÿ‘‹

      I have already shared a little about you all, but would also be great to have a quick introduction from you :)

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        Welcome everyone!

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        Thanks for the warm welcome!

        Yeah, I'm a work from home staff member for a company that develops LMS' and e-learning content but as mentioned our internal company tool (to assist with work from home challenges) is now being brought to market.

        I'm looking forward to learning and engaging with you all!

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          Welcome, Tyrone! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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            That's really great! Welcome to the clan :)

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              Thanks guys

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            Thanks all! I'm actually focusing on a side project right now, which is why I'm joining this cool community. It's called Slides with Friends and it's an interactive presentation builder. (So think like PPT, but where your audience can answer your questions / interact with your content, by joining in on their phones.)

            We're launching soon and would love any feedback!

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              Ahh, lovely! The need of the moment :). Looks quite cool Cecilia!

              Also just checked your LinkedIn profile and noticed that you are dog-lover - welcome to the club :)

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              Thank you for the warm welcome. As mentioned I am Shehan from Creately, a visual collaboration and diagramming software specifically meant for remote work for both individuals and enterprises alike. Our work policy is "remote first" inline with the USP communicated with our product. Since the second wave, we have been 100% remote and collaborating through wide variety of software and apps. I would love to share my experiences (and the company's) with the remote clan on best practices in working remotely. Thanks again for the warm welcome.

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                Hey Shehan, Looking forward to learning loads of stuff from you :)

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                Thanks for the intro Hrishikesh! Years ago I started developing very practical tools for productivity like to-do lists and time tracking apps, but since then I've discovered that even greater benefits can be achieved by learning mindful focus and the value of balance in the different aspects of life. These skills are even more important when working remotely because you have more freedom and responsibility.

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                  Super interesting space Sam - how have the past months been? I would expect that you would have experienced a spike in users ๐Ÿ˜€. Has it been so?

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                    Thanks Karthik. Yes, definitely, as I'm sure has happened with online tools across the board ๐Ÿ˜…

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                      Amazing ๐Ÿ‘!

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                  Hi Everyone I am glad that I discovered this community.๐Ÿ˜€

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                    Welcome, Uddeshya ๐Ÿ‘‹