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Hey guys,

While we did launch Remote Clan a couple of weeks back, we have been ironing a lot of minor parts since. All of us want to Remote Clan stand out and become one of the most amazing communities there is, and it will.

Of course, majority of the heavy-lifting has to be done by you guys 😛, here are some things I am working on:

1. Align the platform’s experience to remote working. This includes:

  • Adding remote work-related gifs/quotes - Done
  • Add quotes from our remote work stories in transition screens - Done
  • Streamline member-profiles - By end of this month
  • Give a peek into a member’s remote work background (when they comment or post) - Next week
  • Add small graphics/icons around remote work - Next week

2. Add some gamification/healthy-competition

  • This would involve a weekly leaderboard on the members contributing the most to the community - By end of this month
  • Gifts and other incentives to the winners - By end of this month
  • Other badges - By end of this month

3. Tailored weekly update mails

  • Since I have collected each of your interests & motivation to join the community, I will be mailing a customised list of posts you might find interesting. - Next week

4. Well, I have some more ideas that have not fully crystallised yet 😛

Help from you

But, in all of this, I do require your support to help one-another build amazing not just careers but lives around remote work. If you have any thoughts in mind just hit it in the comments section. If you have an idea that you would like to personally discuss with me, you all know hrishikesh@remote.tools is where you can find me


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    Well done! Nice progress!


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      Thanks Brendan :)

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      Sounds exciting!

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        Cheers Alexandra

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        Great! Especially liked that you will be mailing this customised list of posts each of us might find interesting :)

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          Super Alda! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the posts :-)

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          Awesome!! 🚀

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            Cheers Lesley!

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            Really great seeing the iterations! :)

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              Cheers Irma :-)

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              Hi Hrishikesh!

              First of all, great progress!

              One idea - currently, I paste emojis from https://emojipedia.org/. We could have a button to choose from emojies to input. Maybe also formatting (instead of typing markdown).

              It’s not a big thing, but I think it helps to be more expressive.

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                Thanks Boris :-)

                Great points!

                On markdown, kept it intentionally that way to have a simple interface. Plus I feel a lot of people are comfortable with markdown now-a-days. What do you think?

                On emojis, added to my TODOs :-)

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                  Yep, I think that works well. 👍

                  People will either know markdown, or they will get curious, or they will see it in the bottom right corner.

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                    Super :-)

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                What do you think about allowing people to share e.g. LinkedIn URL in their profile?

                I find it useful to get background on people in discussions. But I don’t know if others also think this stalking should be possible? :D

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                  We are adding this very soon Boris :)

                  Streamline member-profiles - By end of this month

                  This update will include that!