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After 6 months of working nights & weekends, I finally finished a personal project that I wanted to share with all of you who are parents of 14-25 year olds - an app called “My Guru for College & Career”. If you have kids in high school or college it is “the” must-have app. You will thank me later. (100% FREE. No advertising.) If no kids in that age range, then share this GIFT with cousins, nieces or nephews, neighbors, or work colleagues with kids that age, teachers, and guidance counselors, or college “office of career services”, too…

WHAT IS IT? It’s a crowd-sourced, peer-reviewed 5 star-rating system, like a Yelp or TripAdvisor format that gives tips and ‘life hacks’ for anything related to:

  1. Applying to college
  2. Optimizing college, and
  3. Getting a job during or post-college

B) Link for Downloading – Android & Apple:


Juan Luis Betancourt

#college #career #guru #jobs #highschool #happiness

PS - To note, this is a FREE, “give back to society” project that has no revenue generating intention, nor any advertising. It is a pure attempt to help society improve the outcomes for millions of young people to find self-awareness, meaning and purpose, and ultimately HAPPINESS, earlier in life and for longer during their life. If you also care about improving the outcomes for our nation’s youth, please help us in sharing this on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media networks, as well as with your kids’ schools and teachers, as we have no budget to advertise or get this in front of people, and it will only get traction through word-of-mouth, and friends like you, who also care about improving the world.


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    Great work Juan,

    I really like how you are trying to give back to society by not monetizing this and keeping it free of cost. I’m sure this would be of great help to students who want to find all the resources for their school, college & career under one tab.

    Also, I have shared your product page with my family groups and they seem to be interested in trying this out. Cheers!

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      Thanks, Mark!

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      Congrats Juan - seems like a lot of hard work went into this, so this must feel great :)

      I am unfortunately not able to find the link. Can you please share it?

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        Thanks. Apologies. Here you go: Link for Downloading – Android & Apple:

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        I’ve re-save the post with the link –>

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          Hey Juan,

          This is an amazing initiative. To make it more engaging for students, I would suggest including a forum where students would come together and share their experiences, tips and ideas. In this way, students wouldn’t just use it as a resource but also as a community to engage with other students having similar interests.

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            Love it! Yes, will see with my developer how we can create a “community” forum by topic or area…. Thank you, Cathy!