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I'm in the process of fine-tuning a presentation/workshop we're conducting next Wed (details here). We're going to use the time to focus on the 'discovery process' in the sales cycle.

So, if you're an entrepreneur/freelancer/independent consultant, I'd be curious to know how you go about gathering the key details you need in order to figure out 1) the solution, 2) whether the client is winnable, and 3) whether it's a client you should win. 

Do you have forms? Is there a particular process? Is it defined and documented? We'll be presenting some in the workshop, but would be curious to get other takes.


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    Hey Brendan, Would love to present my answer on this, but I guess the link is broken :/

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      Hey Cathy, I have sorted that out. You can look at the link now :))

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        I hope we can get that feedback now... thanks!

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          Thanks, Karthik!

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            As I am a freelancer, the primary thing that I do is to gather as much information as possible about the client/org. That includes things such as the company size, work culture, revenues and sometimes even funding. For collecting these details, I search for data from other websites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Trustpilot and Crunchbase. This helps me understand whether it is a deal worth pursuing.

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          Hi Brendan,

          We do use a custom form on which we use a product like Crazyegg that gives us details on how the user interacted on the website and the form too. This gives us some details on their thought process and the journey.

          Then we look for the individual's Linkedin profile to get more details about the individual and also the company. We typically like to deal with tech individuals, so that tellls us whether the person is the best fit for us from a client perspective.

          We then have an introductory mail sent to them with a couple of questions so that we can give them a customised solution. The reply gives us even more context on whether the client is a good fit for us.

          Hope this was helpful.

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            This is great, John. Particularly that it's such a well-defined process. And it's simple, understandable, and easy to execute on. Well done!

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            A bit off-topic but I noticed from the link that you may be based in Baltimore/Maryland, Brendan? I'm a Montgomery County native myself!

            Excuse this post if you're not actually based in Maryland 😅

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              Yep! Based in Baltimore!