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Microsoft had quite an eventful week, from announcing new features for its Office apps to promoting its CEO, Satya Nadella, as the chairman.ย 

Nadella has led Microsoft through a period of transformation. He reoriented Microsoft towards cloud computing while giving the Office apps a much-needed makeover by taking it to the cloud.ย 

To that end, Microsoft recently introduced updates to Office apps that are meant to help companies with both hybrid and remote employees.

Microsoft Teams

โ€ข Microsoft Teams is getting a feature called front row, a new video layout that moves the video gallery to the bottom of the screen. This allows in-room participants to see remote colleagues face to face as they were in the same room.

โ€ข Apart from that, other features allow users to pin or spotlight multiple video streams and share live reactions.

Microsoft Whiteboard

โ€ข As the pandemic made the need for remote whiteboards more evident, Microsoft is releasing new features to its Whiteboard app. This includes new cursors for different participants, feedback sharing on objects, new templates and much more.

Windows 11

Lastly, Microsoft is hosting an event on June 24 where it is expected to launch its highly-anticipated Windows 11.ย 

Here is the first look:

What do you think about these latest office updates, will they benefit you?