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How to make “Remote Work” work for you?

Working remotely have it’s own pros and cons. How to convert a few cons to pros and become productive?


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    Love this post! It is amazing how people get to enjoy the finer things when they work remotely 🙌

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      I think in order to make remote work easy, we need a new stack of communication and collaboration tools. This is why my friend and I built Pluto : 

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        Don't you think this is not something that a remote team wants?

        Do you even know if it's working?

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          Surprisingly, it does work. I understand your point and right now only you can see your stats. But, we came across clients who go to the extent of asking for screenshots and more. We wanted to tackle their requirement differently and the idea is to gamify the process. We're still working on it and I'd love to hear suggestions and feedback on that front. 

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            I doubt it works!

            The problem is not what clients want, it's a breach of trust which is one of the beliefs of remote work.

            If you are saying that you're tackling this problem differently, I would love to know about it in more detail.

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              Umm did you even downlod the app and start using it or are you just one of those guys who sees something on the internet and needs to vomit his/her opinion out? 

              Download the app, use it, provide feedback from time to time and allow us to build a better product. 

              And once again like I said - I understand your point and we're tackling the issue differently but I am not going to discuss our product strategy and features with you here. 

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                I was about to try but your copy didn't make sense for me to download and use it.

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                  Copy? What copy? 

                  See that's not how you do things, Anshul. Passing off judgements is easy. Download the app, use it, give feedback and then finally come to a conclusion. I know it takes effort but do the work. Otherwise you just come across as a dog who barkes at every car passing by it for no reason. 

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                    Okay. Okay. I wanted to download this but I didn't find a build for ubuntu.

                    How can I try this?